• Livre Mes recettes Véritable® - Vol.1

    Véritable® Cookbook - Vol.1 - 80 Rezepte.

    Dieses Kochbuch hilft Ihnen beim Kochen mit Ihren aromatischen Kräutern und kleinem Gemüse aus Ihrem Veritable®-Garten.

    80 kreative und dennoch einfache Rezepte.

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    Véritable® Cookbook - Vol.1 - 80 recipes with aromatic herbs and fresh greens

    Basil, coriander, mint, sage ... The secret of a successful dish is often hidden in its seasoning. What could be better than aromatic herbs to spice up your daily diet? If you want to awaken your taste buds or rediscover the true flavor of fresh herbs, this book is for you! Learn how to easily cook the classic herbs as the most unknown. Thanks to these 80 healthy and tasty recipes, they will hold no secrets for you!

    What will you find in our cookbook?
    Recipes based on aromatic herbs of course! Thanks to our cookbook, you will be able to fill up on ideas to use the harvests of your Veritable® garden and enjoy it everyday. We have chosen easy but delicious recipes, to prepare a tasty lunch or a creative dinner.

    You will find several recipes for each Lingot in the collection. If you lacked ideas to cook your purple basil, your bok choï or your mizuna, you now have no excuses!

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