Véritable® has developed on the basis of strong values since its creation. All of these values are shared by our employees and serve as a constant reference point in the evolution of our business.

Healthy eating

This is the starting point of the concept developed by Véritable®. The founding pillar that launched the adventure...

Eating well

Véritable® offers innovative solutions to allow everyone to simply grow a wide range of edible plants directly in their kitchen. The result is aromatic herbs, edible flowers and mini-vegetables that are always fresh and healthy for everyone.

Whether we live in the city or in the countryside, we are all looking for fresh, healthy, local products, of known origin or organic, from producers we trust. These needs are not easy to reconcile with the current agri-food offer and the classic distribution channels.

While the diversity of vegetables has decreased over the years, meat consumption has exploded. A balanced diet calls for a return of vegetables in the daily menu. Vegetables can be the centerpiece of your plate.

Healthy eating in tomorrow's world
You are the producer!

Fresh products at maturity

Growing your own herbs right at your fingertips allows you to harvest fresh. You can enjoy the full benefit of fragrant herbs with a gourmet texture. All the vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants are preserved. The flavors are authentic!

Rediscovering forgotten varieties

80% of the vegetable varieties marketed in France in 1950 have disappeared from the official seed catalog. The climate change encourages to rediscover the virtues of the vegetable garden. It is also an opportunity to diversify your diet.

Rediscovering forgotten varieties
Rediscovering the pleasure of cooking

The meal starts before you get to the table!

Even before you pull out your cutlery, the pleasure of cooking is a moment to be shared. Getting together, talking about your day while preparing dinner, these are all important moments that contribute to the pleasure of spending time at the table together. It's time to put the kitchen back in the center of the house!

Respecting the environment

We are obviously sensitive to nature. Both in the herbs we grow and in a more global approach. Our aim has always been to do business with as little environmental impact as possible.

Water consumption divided by 5

Water consumption divided by 5

Thanks to its passive hydroponic irrigation principle, water consumption in a Véritable® garden is 5 times lower than in a soil-based garden.

Picto water-friendly

Automatic watering of your plants guarantees a perfect water supply. 

Each plant gets the right amount of water for optimal growth. 

Enjoy up to 4 weeks of water autonomy.

Low power consumption

With only 11W in operation, Véritable® gardens consume less power than your internet box.

Picto eco-friendly

The respect of a day/night cycle (16h/8h) allows to reproduce the natural sunshine cycle in summer. No need to unplug the garden, it switches off automatically!

Moreover, the SMART version of our gardens, which adapts to the ambient light in your room, allows you to reduce this consumption by a further 30%.

Véritable indoor gardens are very energy efficient
Eco-designed packaging


0 polystyrene, 0 plastic, 0 aluminium: all our packaging is made of recyclable cardboard from sustainably managed forests and printed with vegetable ink... 

Picto eco-packaging

From the beginning, we have been thinking about how we can work towards becoming a responsible company and limiting our environmental impact. 

Our packaging has been designed in the same way:

  • Choice of materials
  • No oversizing
  • 100% biodegradable inner bags

The shortest route from seed to plate

No transporters, supply centres, distributors or cars to go shopping... the carbon footprint is reduced to a minimum!

local production
Organic seeds

Organic seeds

To produce our Lingots®, we work with various French seed companies and carefully select our new seed varieties with them. The vast majority of our seeds are organically grown and, of course, GMO-free. 

Organic seeds pictogram

A completely natural substrate

The Lingot® is 100% vegetable and contains no treatment products. It allows healthy and tasty harvests. In addition, the seeds are held in place by a moisture-regulating organic clay, which optimises their germination.

biodegradable pictogram

The substrate of our Lingots® is made of natural plant material: coconut fibre. This material is natural and 100% renewable.

Our natural biodegradable refills do not contain any pesticides.

At the end of their life, Lingots® can be:

  • Composted
  • Biodegraded
  • Repotted, for a second life in your garden!
The Lingot: a 100% natural refill

Social and societal commitment

Attached to our roots, we are committed to developing the local and national economic fabric by designing sustainable products for our customers.

Véritable® manufactures in France!

Véritable® is committed to its socio-economic ecosystem. Based in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes near Lyon, the company manufactures 90% of its products within a 200 km radius. 

We are currently the only company on the market to offer self-sufficient indoor vegetable gardens made entirely in France.

Véritable manufactures in France!
An educational role with children

An educational role

Rediscover the life cycle by watching plants grow every day. Having fun in the kitchen. These little pleasures are not just for adults! It's even a great opportunity to cook together as a family and see your children's eyes shine at their little plants!

Durability and reparability

Because we are confident in the quality of our products, we do not hesitate to guarantee them for 5 years, compared to the usual 2 years on the market.

5 year warranty

Moreover, in the event of an intervention, the reparability of our gardens is very high. It is very easy to carry out these tasks thanks to the good availability of spare parts. There is no question of throwing away when you can repair! 

Sustainable gardens with a 5-year guarantee

And within the company itself

Beyond our products and their use, we implement a number of measures internally to contribute in our own way to a more respectful world.

  • Waste separation
  • Compost 
  • Greening the roof of our building
  • Sharing of crops from the showroom and the laboratory for meals in the cafeteria
  • Precise temperature control of the building's rooms
  • Reuse of packaging
  • ...