• Pinceau de Pollinisation
    • Pinceau de Pollinisation

    Pollination brush


    This must-have tool is useful for manual pollination of wild strawberries, mini bell peppers and hot chillis.

    Pollination is the act of transferring pollen grains from the male anther of a flower to the female stigma.
    It is the way that plants can produce fruits and vegetables.

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    The Veritable® Pollination brush allows you to pollinate the flowers of your Lingots® of fruits and vegetables such as wild strawberries, mini bell peppers and hot chillis.
    Outdoor cultivation requires the intervention of insects or wind, indoor cultivation requires human intervention.

    This pollination brush is ideal for fertilizing your flowers: its fine, soft hair and its diameter are perfectly adapted to this function.

    What is pollination?

    It is the fertilization of the flower to obtain fruits and vegetables. For this, the pollen of the stamens (male parts) must come into contact with the pistil (female part). Some varieties of plants have both male and female parts within the same flower, such as strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, chilis.
    In nature, this step is performed by bees and other pollinating insects. Indoors, the insufficient airflow and the absence of insects do not allow the fertilization of flowers. The pollination must then be done manually, when the plant is in the process of flowering.

    How to pollinate with the Veritable® Pollination brush ?

    Using the Veritable® Pollination brush, gently brush the inside of each flower to transfer the pollen into the pistil. Wipe the brush between each plant species to avoid cross-pollination. Proceed with delicate gestures because the flowers are particularly fragile.

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    Size14,5 cm / 5.7"
    Colourwhite, pink, black
    Materialwood, metal, synthetic hair
    Usepollination of fruiting plants
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