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Exky® SMART Garden


Exky® SMART is the smallest and most efficient smart indoor garden that allows you to grow effortlessly herbs, greens and vegetables in your kitchen. It is totally self-sufficient: it takes care of your plants so you can harvest flavorful healthy food all year round. Its ultra-compact and sleek design makes it a great fit in all kitchens. Thanks to its technology, plants in EXKY grow 3 time faster than in the nature to enjoy bountiful harvests!

LED GROW LIGHT SYSTEMAutomatic silent watering<strong>Lingots</strong><br>Recharges 100% naturellesHealthy and bountiful harvestsAdapt'light™ TechnologyFabriqué en France<strong>Lingots<sup>®</sup></strong><br>Satisfait ou échangé

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With Exky® SMART Copper EDITION and its ultra compact size, you can grow two Lingots® at the same time. It automatically adjusts the LED light according to your home daylight for an optimal growth at all times.


Combining high efficiency LEDs, the specific light spectrum guarantee a faster plant growth, while activating essential oil production to provide rich flavors. EXKY has an automated day and night cycle. It turns on for 16 hours and goes off for 8 hours. The light pole is adjustable in height with a smooth glide to follow your plants growth.


EXKY embeds the ADAPT’LIGHT™ technology that adjusts the grow light output according to the ambient light. This patented technology allows maximal energy savings while ensuring better growing conditions.


EXKY has a built-in water tank with an an autonomy up to 3 weeks. Automatic watering is completely silent thanks to its passive hydroponic technology. Filling up the water tank has been made so easy anyone will succeed: it has a blinking water level-alarm, and prevents you from overwatering.


The Lingot® is a patented eco-friendly refill to easily grow plants even if you have a brown thumb. GMO-free, pesticide-free, the natural substrate already contains pre-sown organic seeds and nutrients. Its sponge-like structure optimizes roots aeration and humidity control. Each Lingot last up to 6 months, providing an average of one harvest per week.

  • 1. Plug

  • 2. Fill-in the tank

  • 3. Insert Lingots®

  • 4. Harvest and enjoy !

Data sheet
Size20 x 18,2 x 37,1 (jusqu'à 45,6) cm
Water tank autonomy1 litre
Irrigation systemPassive hydroponic culture
LightingProfessionnal Leds, Low power, without UV
Average Leds lifetime10 years
Electrical power7.5W, approx. €9 per year
SpecificationPower supply, 100-240 V, 50-60Hz, plug adapted to your country
ColourWhite, black or blue water tank, silver masts
MaterialABS and PP plastics
UseInternal use
Warranty2 years
Working T°From 18°C to 35°C
Origin100% designed, assembled and made in France
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