Your Lingot did not sprout? Claim a voucher.

At Véritable®, your satisfaction is our priority. Our Lingots® and indoor gardens have all the elements to offer you bountyful harvests. 

Despite the performance of our equipment and the care we take in the manufacture of Lingots®, nature can sometimes play tricks. It can happen that some seeds do not develop correctly because they are living products.

It is impossible for us to guarantee a 100% germination rate as these are live products.

Many external factors can influence the germination rate. And even if the seeds sprout, some of them will not grow; same in Nature or when you garden outdoors.

We put more seeds than necessary in each Lingot® in order to obtain a good proportion of plants which arrive at maturity. A Lingot® is considered complete when half or more of the holes have germinated.

Don't worry, the seeds that sprouted will grow and expend to fill the empty space.

How do I make the guarantee work?

Zoom potager germé

Important: next time to benefit from our Germination Guarantee:

Please contact our Customer Service with the requested information.

- Keep the lot# of your Lingot® (you can write it the dedicated label to be cut on the packaging).

- Send us a photo of your garden within 30 days of planting date.

Use your Lingot® within one year from the date of purchase. Rough storage conditions can affect the quality of its germination.

Remember to keep the batch number indicated on the packaging of your Lingot®.  The lot number allows a better traceability of our products in order to improve their quality.

You can write it on the back of the black label to be cut on the packaging.

If your Lingot® is eligible for the Germination Guarantee (find here our GTC), we refund you in the form of credit to be used at the time of your next order on

But especially, be patient! Certain species take more time to germinate than others!