Organic pennyroyal Lingot®
    • Organic pennyroyal Lingot®
    • Organic pennyroyal Lingot®

    Pennyroyal Lingot®


    Unlike its more subtle cousin spearmint, pennyroyal boasts an incredibly fresh and minty flavor. It is therefore perfect for bringing out all your culinary creations! Use it as a refreshing garnish for your summer recipes. Or cook it with potatoes, eggs, and paprika to make a classic "batata bel fliou."

    Enjoy the Véritable® Lingot® technology : 100% natural and ready-to-use refills with no pesticides or GMO's (patent-pending).

    Pennyroyal Lingot® compatible with the whole Véritable® Garden range

    Specie : Pennyroyal

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    Véritable® Lingot® 

    Enjoy the Véritable® Lingot® technology (patent-pending) : 100% natural and ready to use refills.

    Easy to use and efficient, the Lingot® composition is specific for each plant and contains :

    • Organic seeds
    • Organic soil
    • Nutrients essential to each plant

    Each parameter is optimised : spacing between seeds, depth, choice of species, substrate composition...
    Its composition is specific for each plant in order to get generous ans tasty harvests.

    The Lingots® are 100% compostable and biodegradable. They contains no pesticides or GMO's.

    Each Véritable® Garden is coming with 4 Véritable® Lingots® offered : Basil, Italian Parsley, Thyme, Dill.

    The Lingots® can be stored 1 year before use, in a cool and dry place. After this time, the germination rate can decrease.

    Pennyroyal has a very fresh, minty aroma, which distinguishes it from spearmint, whose taste is more subtle.

     This characteristic makes it ideal for original culinary creations! Used raw, it will refresh your summer dishes (even as a garnish!). Cooked, it is used in the typical recipe for batata bel fliou: potatoes with paprika, eggs and spearmint.

    Pennyroyal is known for its digestive properties. It is also a source of vitamins and minerals.

    How can pennyroyal be associated?

    comment associer la menthe pouliot ?

    How do you cook pennyroyal?

    Mint leaves can be used to make infusions and teas. Add a few leaves to a cup of hot water and steep for a few minutes for an aromatic, soothing drink.

    It can be used as a condiment in savory dishes such as salads, marinades, sauces and meat dishes. Its slightly mentholated flavors add a refreshing note to preparations.

    You can also use spearmint to flavor desserts such as sorbets, ice creams, smoothies and pastries. It adds a touch of freshness and subtle fragrance to your sweet creations.

    Comment récolter le basilic grand vert ?

    Our tips for successfully growing your pennyroyal

    To harvest the leaves, carefully pick the stems near the base of the plant using scissors. You can pick individual leaves or cut whole stems to suit your needs. Avoid removing more than a third of the leaves from each plant, to ensure healthy regrowth.

    Lingots®, a patented concentrate of technology

    These ready-to-use refills contain everything you need for growing: natural substrate, organic seeds and essential nutrients. You don't need to add anything else.

    We guarantee that every Lingot® will grow! But nature being unpredictable, some Lingots® may not grow as well as expected. If this happens, Véritable® will replace it for you.

    Le Lingot® : un condensé de technologie
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