Lingot® Mibuna BIO
    • Lingot® Mibuna BIO
    • Lingot® Mibuna BIO

    Mibuna Lingot®


    The Mibuna is a traditional Japanese leaf vegetable. Its flat dark green leaves are often compared to those of chicory. Consumed raw salad, the Mibuna brings a sweet mustard note. Cooked, it will remind you of the spinach flavor.

    Enjoy the Véritable® Lingot® technology : 100% natural and ready-to-use refills with no pesticides or GMO's (patent-pending).

    Mibuna Lingot® compatible with the whole Véritable® Garden range

    Specie : Mibuna

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    Véritable® Lingot® 

    Genießen Sie Véritable Lingot® Technologie : 100 % natürliche Nachfüllpacksfrei von GVO oder Pestiziden, gebrauchsfertig zur Benutzung bereit (zum Patent angemeldet).

    Die Véritable® Lingots®(zum Patent angemeldet) sind gebrauchsfertige Nachfüllpacks für den einfachen und effektiven Einsatz. Die Lingots® enthalten :

    • Biologische oder unbehandelte Samen
    • Ein biologisches Substrat
    • Essentielle Nährstoffe zu jeder Pflanze passend

    Jeder Parameter wird optimiert : der Abstand der Samen, deren Tiefe, die Wahl der Pflanzenart, die Substratzusammensetzung...
    Die Herstellung an jede Pflanze spezifisch angepasst, um eine reichliche und schmackhafte Ernte zu garantieren. 

    Die Lingots® sind 100 % kompostier- und biologisch abbaubar. Sie enthalten keine Pestizide oder GVO.

    Die Lingots® können bis zu etwa 1 Jahr an einem kühlen, trockenen Ort aufbewahrt werden. Darüber hinaus kann die Keimrate sinken. 

    Very similar to its cousin the mizuna, the mibuna has a slight mustard taste. Its long, thin leaves are delicious in salads, soups or stir-fries, raw or barely cooked.

    Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, mibuna is ideal for a healthy diet as it is low in calories.

    How can mibuna be associated? 

    How can mibuna be associated?

    How do you cook mibuna?

    Mibuna can be used raw or cooked in a variety of dishes. Its crisp, tender leaves are perfect for salads, stir-fries, soups and sushi toppings. 

    You can also blanch it quickly or pan-fry it with other vegetables for a tasty, healthy dish. Its slightly mustardy flavor adds a touch of freshness to your dishes, reminiscent of spinach.

    Comment récolter le persil mitsuba ?

    Our tips for successfully growing your mibuna

    Mibuna is generally harvested when the leaves are young and tender. You can start harvesting the outer leaves when the plant reaches a height of around 15 to 20 centimetres. Use clean scissors to cut the leaves near the base of the plant. You can harvest the leaves as and when you need them, letting the plant continue to grow. Eat the leaves within 24 hours of harvesting.

    Lingots®, a patented concentrate of technology

    These ready-to-use refills contain everything you need for growing: natural substrate, organic seeds and essential nutrients. You don't need to add anything else.

    We guarantee that every Lingot® will grow! But nature being unpredictable, some Lingots® may not grow as well as expected. If this happens, Véritable® will replace it for you.

    Le Lingot® : un condensé de technologie
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