Lingot® Shiso vert BIO
    • Lingot® Shiso vert BIO
    • Lingot® Shiso vert BIO

    Organic Red shiso Lingot®


    The purple shiso is characterized by a sweet flavor, mixing notes of basil, pepper, lemon balm and cinnamon. Very decorative, it is also used as a food coloring base. Shiso leaves are eaten raw in salads. Do not just limit the use of leaves, all parts of the plant are edible and aromatic.

    Enjoy the Véritable® Lingot® technology : 100% natural and ready-to-use refills with no pesticides or GMO's (patent-pending).

    Organic Red shiso Lingot® compatible with the whole Véritable® Garden range

    Specie : Organic Red shiso

    Sprout in
    1 week
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    4-5 weeks
    3-4 months
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    Véritable® Lingot® 

    Enjoy the Véritable® Lingot® technology (patent-pending) : 100% natural and ready to use refills.

    Easy to use and efficient, the Lingot® composition is specific for each plant and contains :

    • Organic seeds
    • Organic soil
    • Nutrients essential to each plant

    Each parameter is optimised : spacing between seeds, depth, choice of species, substrate composition...
    Its composition is specific for each plant in order to get generous ans tasty harvests.

    The Lingots® are 100% compostable and biodegradable. They contains no pesticides or GMO's.

    Each Véritable® Garden is coming with 4 Véritable® Lingots® offered : Basil, Italian Parsley, Thyme, Dill.

    The Lingots® can be stored 1 year before use, in a cool and dry place. After this time, the germination rate can decrease.

    Highly prized in Vietnam, red shiso is characterized by its cumin taste. It is used in many Asian countries, such as Japan, where it is a key condiment with rice.

    Red shiso has soothing, antiallergic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a source of omega 3, 6 and 9.

    How can red shiso be associated?

    How can red shiso be associated?

    How do you cook red shiso?

    In Vietnam, red shiso replaces mint and is an ingredient in many dishes: Vietnamese pancakes, spring rolls or bún chả, crispy pork with nuoc mâm sauce accompanied by shiso. You can also use it in a vegetable salad, and it goes very well with fish.

    To avoid losing flavor, add the leaves at the end of cooking so that they coat the other ingredients with their fragrance.

    Comment récolter le shiso pourpre ?

    Our tips for successfully growing your red shiso

    Red shiso can be harvested as it grows. You can start harvesting the leaves when the plant reaches a height of around 15 to 20 centimetres. Use clean scissors to cut the leaves at the base of the plant. You can also remove young shoots to encourage denser plant growth. Use the leaves immediately.

    Lingots®, a patented concentrate of technology

    These ready-to-use refills contain everything you need for growing: natural substrate, organic seeds and essential nutrients. You don't need to add anything else.

    We guarantee that every Lingot® will grow! But nature being unpredictable, some Lingots® may not grow as well as expected. If this happens, Véritable® will replace it for you.

    Le Lingot® : un condensé de technologie
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