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Exky® Kräutergarten CLASSIC


Exky® CLASSIC is the smallest and most efficient smart indoor garden that allows you to grow effortlessly herbs, greens and vegetables in your kitchen. It is totally self-sufficient: it takes care of your plants so you can harvest flavorful healthy food all year round. Its ultra-compact and sleek design makes it a great fit in all kitchens. 

Thanks to its technology, plants in EXKY grow 3 time faster than in the nature to enjoy bountiful harvests!

More info about EXKY technology

<strong>LED</strong><br>Spectre lumineux optimisé<strong>Autonome</strong><br>Arrosage automatique<strong>Lingots</strong><br>Recharges 100% naturelles<strong>Efficace</strong><br>Croissance rapide et récolte abondanteFabriqué en France<strong>Lingots<sup>®</sup></strong><br>Satisfait ou échangé

Alimentation électrique
Versand innerhalb von 2 bis 3 Werktagen

Technische Daten
Gewicht 1,2
Abmessungen 20 x 18,2 x 37,1 (jusqu'à 45,6) cm
Water tank autonomy 1 litre
Irrigation system Passive hydroponic culture
Lighting Professionnal Leds, Low power, without UV
Average Leds lifetime 10 years
Leistungsaufnahme 7.5W, approx. €9 per year
Technische Daten Stromversorgung, 100-240 V, 50-60Hz
Farbe Wassertank und Leuchtständer weiß
Material ABS- und PP Kunststoff
Verbrauch Für den Innengebrauch
Warranty 2 Jahre
Betriebstemperatur (T°) Zwischen 18° C und 35° C
Ursprungsort 100% designed, assembled and made in France
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