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    Dry herb mill


    Grow your own Herbs de Provence all year round in your Véritable® garden and create a tasty seasoning thanks to the herb mill.

    Enjoy the superior aroma and taste from freshly ground whole dried herbs. Create your own blends.

    Our dried herb grinder preserves the flavor of herbs without oxidizing them. The CrushGrind® technology is ultra-resistant and the patented ceramic mechanism is guaranteed for 25 years. The fineness of grind can be adjusted to prepare delicious dishes.

    This grinder is also compatible with salt, pepper and spices for endless creations.

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    How to dry my herbs de Provence ?

    1. Harvest the herbs de Provence
    2. Let dry 1 week at the window sill
    3. Thin out the leaves of the herbs de Provence
    4. Put the herbs in the grinder
    5. Grind the herbs and enjoy!
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